Announcing Sifos' New Power Management Analyzer Suite for PoE PSE Switch System Performance Testing

Announcing Sifos' New Power Management Analyzer Suite for PoE PSE Switch System Performance Testing

Sifos is excited to announce a new PoE PSE Power Management Analyzer Suite. This fully automated test suite analyzes PSE's with any combination of 2-pair (up to 30W) ports and 4-pair (up to 90W) ports to assess class-based admission behaviors, powering instabilities, power granting policies, static power capacity, transient reserve capacity, LLDP granting policies, and a variety of other PSE power management behaviors.

ANDOVER, Mass., May 16, 2024 Sifos Technologies now offers a 3rd generation PoE PSE Power Management Analysis Suite as a software licensed option for the Sifos 24-port PoE PSE PSL-3424A and PSL-3424L PowerSync Programmable Loads.

The Power Management Analyzer Suite is a one-of-a-kind solution that provides deep insights into the power administration and management functions of a multi-port PSE. With full automation, the suite supports 2-Pair, 4-Pair, and hybrid-pair PSE's conforming to 802.3af, 802.3at, and 802.3bt specifications. The analysis can be performed on PSE's with up to 96 total ports. Whereas PSE Conformance Testing assesses compliance of each stand-alone PSE port to 802.3at or 802.3bt specifications, the Power Management Analyzer provides deep insights into the collective behavior of many or all PSE ports while connected to banks of PD's.

Sifos' experience evaluating new generation PSEs, including PSE's with various combinations of 4-Pair (802.3bt) and 2-Pair powering ports, confirms the challenges of managing power and the very high variety of power management behaviors in these PSE's. The Power Management Analyzer Suite automates this testing providing a report and analysis to troubleshoot potential issues and unexpected behaviors. The Power Management Analyzer Suite can also be used for automated regression testing on new revisions of PSE system firmware and hardware and is also valuable for rapidly evaluating user configurable power management setups within managed PSEs.

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