Experienced Clinical Counselor Discusses the Importance of Christian Counseling

Experienced Clinical Counselor Discusses the Importance of Christian Counseling

Rose Barrow wants those who answer the call to counsel to act as an instrument of God's peace

RUTHER GLENN, Va., Dec. 4, 2023 Author and licensed clinical counselor Rose Barrow has decades of experience helping others pursue the best versions of themselves, through Christian counseling. In her new book "The Call to Counsel: The Journey of a Christian Counselor," she shares her spiritual and professional journey of finding and accepting her purpose in life.

While Barrow ultimately wants to inspire readers, her journey through life was not always joyous. She walks readers through the highs and lows, sharing the catalyst that inspired her to write the book: the murder of her son.

"As I struggled to cope with the pain of his death, I searched for comfort from the Holy Spirit and from Bible passages," Barrow said. "It forced me to reflect on the lessons of life, to pray more deeply and to chronicle my thoughts. It has also given me courage to share this journey with others."

Barrow believes that there is a meaning behind every experience in life. She shares her experiences and how she helps others through theirs with her Christian-based counseling.

"I believe that Christians who are called to counsel have a responsibility," Barrow said. "The call to comfort is the beckoning of the Holy Spirit for Christians to do the work of Christ and to help with the brokenness in the world."

"The Call to Counsel: The Journey of a Christian Counselor"
By Rose Barrow
ISBN: 9781664265127 (softcover); 9781664265110 (hardcover); 9781664265134 (electronic)
Available at the Westbow Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Rose Barrow is a licensed clinical counselor with decades of experience aspiring individuals to pursue the best versions of themselves. She believes that all Christians are called to comfort, but some are anointed to serve in the office of counselor. She has returned to private practice and is forever grateful for the healing virtue of the Holy Spirit and loving relationships. To learn more, please visit http://www.acalltocounsel.org.

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