The Religious Coalition Unveils Transformative Rebrand to Become Beyond Shelter Frederick

The Religious Coalition Unveils Transformative Rebrand to Become Beyond Shelter Frederick

New brand identity aimed at positioning the organization for long-term impact on Frederick

FREDERICK, Md., April 25, 2024 The Religious Coalition, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing and alleviating the effects of poverty on the residents of Frederick County, today announced that after 43 years, the organization has undergone a rebrand and will be known as Beyond Shelter Frederick moving forward.

The genesis for the rebrand is the organization's desire to better convey who they are, the scope of what they do, and the breadth of who they serve. Since The Religious Coalition's inception, the organization has grown significantly, evolving its services to address the changing needs of the community. By utilizing a name that openly states that they go 'beyond shelter,' the organization is able to create a dialogue about their wide range of services, which have expanded to include programs supporting people as they move beyond crisis and regain control of their lives.

Nick Brown, Executive Director, Beyond Shelter Frederick, states, "Our name may have changed, but the reason we exist, the mission to help those in need, and our commitment to this amazing Frederick community will not alter and will not waver."

In addition to more adequately describing the support the organization provides, the updated brand will also help create a distinct presence for it in the Frederick community, alleviating any confusion or perceived overlap in services with local organizations. And most importantly, the new name's positioning of inclusivity will allow a broader audience of clients to comfortably engage with the organization.

After almost half a century as The Religious Coalition, a rebrand was not taken lightly. The organization's Executive Director, Board of Directors, and a segment of their leadership team spent two years conducting a wide-ranging review of the organization's perception, identity, and brand and ultimately determined that now was the time to make a change.

"It's important to understand that our clients' journeys do not end at a shelter bed. This is a detour in their lives that allows us to provide respite and recovery on their way back to self-sufficiency and independence," said Nick Brown, Executive Director, Beyond Shelter Frederick. "Our name may have changed, but the reason we exist, the mission to help those in need, and our commitment to this amazing Frederick community will not alter and will not waver."

For those familiar with the organization, the name Beyond Shelter will ring familiar as it was the naming convention for the most successful capital fundraising campaign in the nonprofit's history. Now, they are embracing it as much as a marching order as it is an ideology. This service-centric designation not only recognizes the far-reaching impact of the group's currently offered programs, but also leaves the door open for the team to continue to develop new lines of programming as the community's needs continue to evolve.

When it came to the visual identity of the new brand, the team moved away from its bright green and purple to incorporate colors like navy, orange, and gold in their new logo and design elements. The logo, color scheme, and font were all chosen carefully to represent the respectful and compassionate nature of the organization, while remaining accessible to all.

The path-like icon was also incorporated to better illustrate the organization's new missional tagline: Illuminating Paths to Hope. Creating a pathway that is also reminiscent of a sunburst was an intentional choice to further convey the idea that Beyond Shelter leads its clients forward towards a brighter future.

The Religious Coalition revealed their new identity to community partners, elected officials, and more on the evening of Tuesday, April 23rd during a celebratory event held at the Delaplaine Arts Center. Guests gathered for the official unveiling of the organization's new name and visual identity accompanied by remarks from their Executive Director, Nick Brown, and City of Frederick Mayor, Michael O'Connor, who discussed how humbled he is to work alongside great community partners like Beyond Shelter Frederick and presented Brown with a certificate to mark the occasion.

"This is a transformational opportunity for our community to look at what it needs, to go beyond the basics, and to build a community for everyone," said Mayor Michael O'Connor during his remarks. "And so I want to congratulate Nick and his team on the work that they do everyday to make our community a better place."

The rollout of the new brand identity will continue throughout the year as the organization's digital platforms, informational materials, signage, and more are updated to bear the name Beyond Shelter Frederick.

About Beyond Shelter Frederick:
Beyond Shelter Frederick, formerly known as The Religious Coalition, was formed in 1981 when a group of congregations and other community leaders came together to address the challenges of homelessness and poverty in Frederick County. Once known exclusively for emergency shelter services, our efforts to prevent and alleviate the effects of poverty in Frederick County have since expanded into financial assistance and support for rental, utility, and healthcare costs. Today, after more than four decades, Beyond Shelter Frederick remains the primary resource for people in Frederick County who are experiencing homelessness and poverty. Learn more at