Carl Black Hiram offers free check engine light diagnosis and multi-point inspections

Carl Black Hiram offers free check engine light diagnosis and multi-point inspections

Drivers can get their cars inspected for free at Carl Black Hiram

HIRAM, Ga., July 10, 2024 A glowing check engine light on their dashboard can be a source of worry for drivers. It could signal a minor problem, or it might indicate a more serious underlying issue. Regardless of the cause, ignoring the warning light is never a good idea.

Carl Black Hiram, a local dealership known for its commitment to customer service, is offering a free check engine light diagnosis and multi-point inspection for a limited time. This valuable service can help pinpoint the exact reason behind the illuminated light, giving drivers peace of mind.

Expert Diagnosis and Inspection

Carl Black Hiram's certified technicians will use advanced diagnostic tools to determine the culprit behind the check engine light. They'll provide a clear explanation of the problem and any recommended repairs, so drivers understand the situation fully.

But the service doesn't stop there. The multi-point inspection goes a step further, checking crucial vehicle components like fluids, belts, hoses, brakes and tires. This comprehensive approach ensures a car is running smoothly and safely.

By taking advantage of this free offer, drivers can gain valuable knowledge about their car's health. Whether the check engine light signifies a minor fix or something more complex, Carl Black Hiram's team will work with the customer to find the most suitable solution.

This offer is available through the end of the year, December 31, 2024.

About Carl Black Hiram

Carl Black Hiram is a pre-owned car dealership and service center in Hiram, Georgia. They're known for their expertise in Jeep, off-road and sports vehicles, as well as their prowess with lifted trucks.