New-Generation Slow-Dissolving Chlorine Tablets Provide Superior Pool Protection

New-Generation Slow-Dissolving Chlorine Tablets Provide Superior Pool Protection

 3Chlorine, a leader in pool sanitation technology, is excited to announce the launch of its new generation Chlorine Tablets. This innovative product line includes three series: 3-inch tablets, 1-inch tablets, and fine granules, all designed to provide unparalleled pool maintenance and sanitation.

The 3-Inch Chlorine Tabs offer numerous benefits to pool owners, including effective algae control, bacteria elimination, and prevention of corrosion and scale. With 90% available stabilized chlorine, these tablets ensure consistent and long-lasting protection for swimming pools. Their slow-dissolving formula maintains stable chlorine levels, reducing the frequency of replacements and providing continuous protection against contaminants. Additionally, the tablets ensure that swimming pools remain clear, clean, and safe with powerful 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione as the main ingredient. This guarantees the pool water's clarity and safety, offering a continuous release of chlorine to protect pool water for longer periods.

Dr. David Yuang, CEO of 3Chlorine, stated, "Our Chlorine Tablets product range includes 3-Inch Chlorine Tabs for large pools, 1-Inch Chlorine for smaller pools and spas, and Chlorine Granules for quick adjustments and spot treatments. Each product is designed to meet the diverse needs of pool owners, ensuring clear, clean, and safe swimming environments."

With over 15 years of expertise in chlorine tablet production, 3Chlorine is dedicated to delivering high-quality pool sanitation products that meet the evolving needs of pool owners. The 3Chlorine Elite Chlorine Tablets are a testament to this commitment, offering advanced solutions that combine superior performance with ease of use. Made from high-quality raw materials, these tablets are suitable for various dispensers and are protected against UV degradation, making them ideal for all pool types.

Importance of High-Quality Chlorine Tablets: In March 2023, an outbreak of Pseudomonas infection occurred at a hotel swimming pool in Maine, affecting 23 individuals with symptoms like ear pain, rash or limb pain. This outbreak was linked to improper pool disinfection, underscoring the importance of regular maintenance and monitoring of pool disinfectant levels (CDC). This incident underscores the importance of maintaining adequate chlorine levels and using high-quality chlorine tablets to prevent such occurrences.

3Chlorine Elite Chlorine Tablets, with their superior 90% available stabilized chlorine and 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione, provide the consistent and long-lasting protection necessary to prevent similar contamination events, ensuring the safety and health of pool users.

About 3Chlorine 

3Chlorine has been a trusted name in pool sanitation for over a decade, providing top-tier products that pool owners rely on for their maintenance needs. Our products are designed with the customer in mind, ensuring they are easy to use, effective, and safe. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe pool environment, and our products are engineered to meet these standards. Our new Elite Chlorine Tablets are the latest in our line of innovative solutions, providing pool owners with the tools they need to keep their pools in pristine condition.

Source: 3Chlorine