BREAKING NEWS: Biochar Life Secures Investment from Ground Up Investing, the impact investment arm of Corus International

Biochar Life Secures Investment from Ground Up Investing, the impact investment arm of Corus International The collaboration aims to amplify the impact of biochar in Africa and support smallholder farmers.

HIGHLAND PARK, N.J., Nov. 23, 2023 Biochar Life, a pioneering impact venture under Warm Heart Worldwide, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership through an investment from Ground Up Investing (GUI), the impact investment arm of Corus International. GUI's mission is to unlock the potential of agribusinesses and startups committed to driving systemic change for marginalized participants in rural economies.

This collaboration underscores a shared ambition to harness the power of smallholder farmers in the global fight to address poverty and act against climate change.

Our partnership with Ground Up Investing marks the beginning of a new chapter. As we advance, our commitment is to intensify impact, bettering lives of smallholders and accelerating carbon reduction.

Jeremy Bauman, Executive Director of Ground Up Investing, commented, "Our investment in Biochar Life is more than just a financial commitment. It's a testament to our belief in the potential of innovative solutions being built by young companies to drive tangible social and environmental impact. Biochar Life's mission aligns seamlessly with GUI's goal of supporting ventures that create sustainable, positive impacts at the grassroots level."

The collaboration's primary objectives will be to:

Jason Highberger, CEO of Biochar Life, shared, "This partnership is a monumental step forward in our journey. With the backing of Ground Up Investing and the broader Corus organization, we are poised to scale our efforts, drive meaningful change, and further our mission of environmental stewardship and community upliftment in Africa."

Biochar Life continues its mission to cool the globe by aiding carbon removal from the atmosphere. By focusing on smallholder farmers, a significant yet underutilized force, the company is making strides in turning the tide against climate change.

About Corus International: Corus is an ensemble of organizations dedicated to delivering holistic solutions addressing the intertwined challenges of poverty, healthcare, and climate change. Drawing from a vast reservoir of experience across rural economic development, health, humanitarian assistance, and technology for development, Corus is a trailblazer in international development.

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About Biochar Life: A venture of Warm Heart Worldwide, Biochar Life champions the fight against climate change by transforming crop waste into carbon-sequestering biochar with the help of smallholder farmers. Their sustainable approach addresses greenhouse gas emissions and supports the wellbeing of rural communities. Committed to gender and income equality, they ensure inclusive opportunities for all.

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