Colossal Launches Ultimate Explorer Competition: Adventure Awaits with $10,000, a National Park Road Trip, and Feature in Outside Magazine

One adventure seeker will win $10,000, explore national parks in an expedition-ready Winnebago RV, and appear in Outside Magazine.

PHOENIX, July 1, 2024 Adventure seekers, get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime! Colossal proudly announces the Ultimate Explorer, an exhilarating competition designed for those with a passion for the great outdoors. This competition offers the chance to win $10,000, embark on a personalized bucket list road trip to America's most breathtaking national parks in an expedition-ready Winnebago RV, and be featured in the iconic Outside Magazine.

The Ultimate Explorer competition invites thrill-seekers to compete for an extraordinary prize package:

"The Ultimate Explorer competition is not just a journey through nature's wonders but also a testament to our commitment to preserving these treasures for future generations." –Mary Hagen, Colossal CEO

*$10,000 Cash Prize: Fuel your adventures and make your dream road trip a reality.

*National Park Road Trip: Embark on a personalized itinerary across the country's most awe-inspiring national parks. Experience the grandeur of Yosemite, the lush landscapes of the Great Smoky Mountains, the serene beauty of Cape Cod, or the towering majesty of Redwood National and State Parks.

*Winnebago RV Experience: Travel in style and comfort in a Winnebago RV stocked with delicious snacks and beverages from The Coca-Cola Company and Nature Valley, ensuring you are fueled for every adventure.

*Feature in Outside Magazine: Capture your incredible journey and share your story with fellow outdoor enthusiasts in the pages of Outside Magazine, the premier publication for adventure lovers since 1977. Outside Magazine has won three consecutive National Magazine Awards for General Excellence. Now, the 2024 Ultimate Explorer will join the ranks of adventurers featured in its stunning pages.

Colossal is thrilled to support the National Park Foundation through the Ultimate Explorer competition. The National Park Foundation is dedicated to protecting over 85 million acres of land and water, preserving history and culture, educating and engaging youth, and connecting people everywhere to the wonder of parks. Since 1967, they have been instrumental in preserving some of America's most treasured places, ensuring they remain unspoiled for future generations.

Winnebago: Since 1958, Winnebago has been known as a trusted leader in outdoor lifestyle solutions. The iconic brand has become synonymous for RV and is the most recognizable name in the industry. Winnebago will be providing an adventure-ready RV for the Ultimate Explorer's national park expedition.

The Coca-Cola Company: Originating from a single syrup recipe in 1886, The Coca-Cola Company is now a world-renowned total beverage company with a mission to positively impact people's lives, communities, and the planet through water replenishment, packaging recycling, and sustainable sourcing practices.

Nature Valley: Established in 1973 with the introduction of granola cereal, Nature Valley recognized that life is better when we spend it in nature together. So, they got to work creating the world's first-ever granola bar to help inspire more outdoor adventures. Over 50 years later, Nature Valley offers bars, snacks, and granola that satisfy every craving.

"At Colossal, we believe in transforming dreams into unforgettable adventures. By partnering with iconic brands like Winnebago, The Coca-Cola Company, and Nature Valley, we are empowering adventure seekers to explore America's breathtaking national parks in unparalleled style and comfort. The Ultimate Explorer competition is not just a journey through nature's wonders but also a testament to our commitment to preserving these treasures for future generations. Together, we are creating experiences that inspire, delight, and make a lasting impact." – Mary Hagen, Colossal CEO

Do you have an insatiable thirst for the wilderness? Whether you crave adrenaline, conquer trails, or find peace in nature's stillness, Ultimate Explorer is your chance to embrace the wild while prioritizing preservation. As an Ultimate Explorer, you will tread lightly, leaving nothing but footprints, to protect the land for future adventurers.

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