BOOK HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH: "Covid Galaxy" by Mark Goode Explores Cosmic Connections Amidst a Global Pandemic


In a world still reeling from the effects of a viral pandemic, Mark Goode's "Covid Galaxy" stands out as this month’s book highlight. This compelling novel merges science fiction with speculative inquiry, posing the profound question: Are we alone in the universe?

In "Covid Galaxy," readers embark on an extraordinary journey with astronaut William Preston. Plucked from his space station post during a solar storm, William is thrust into alternate timelines by the mysterious Janus—interstellar detectives with a cosmic mission. What begins as an accidental voyage through the multiverse becomes a critical mission: to apprehend the intergalactic criminal Fermion, who has stolen an eleventh-dimensional galaxy.

As Earth battles a pandemic, William's quest becomes deeply personal. He seeks not only to aid the Janus but also to find his missing wife, Maia, who vanished under mysterious circumstances in New York. Traveling through diverse worlds, each grappling with their own virus, William’s story offers a poignant parallel to humanity's current challenges.

Mark Goode's writing is infused with his extensive medical and scientific background. Born in Gallup, New Mexico, Goode—pen name for Dr. Mark Guadagnoli—transitioned from a distinguished career in cardiac
surgery to the realm of fiction writing. His fascination with astronomy, physics, and the human mind enriches the speculative elements of "Covid Galaxy."

"Covid Galaxy" is more than an interstellar adventure. It is a thought provoking commentary on resilience, interconnectedness, and the enduring human spirit. The story’s breathtaking conclusion, orchestrated
by the Janus and Klabyau, heralds a new dawn for humanity and a reunion that transcends dimensions.

About the Author:
Mark Goode, born Mark Guadagnoli, grew up in New Mexico. From his beginnings as a biology student at the University of New Mexico to becoming a renowned cardiac surgeon, Goode's journey reflects his
diverse interests and relentless curiosity. Inspired by his mother's resilience and his own medical experiences, Goode brings a unique perspective to his writing.

Besides "Covid Galaxy," Goode authored "Final Chaos," addressing themes of mental health and the suicide epidemic. Writing under the pseudonym Mark Goode, he embraces a new chapter in life, driven by a passion for storytelling and a desire to inspire and provoke thought.

Goode resides in Colorado with his wife, Dr. Melinda Frye, a veterinarian and dean. He enjoys
the outdoors, science fiction, and the mysteries of the cosmos.

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