Standing Against Injustice: Help Leslie Stencil Fight for Freedom, Justice, and American Prosperity, and a Energy Transformative Future

Standing Against Injustice: Help Leslie Stencil Fight for Freedom, Justice, and American Prosperity, and a Energy Transformative Future

Screenshot 2024 06 17 at 8.03.12 amCharlotte, NC - In a world where dreams are often dashed by the powers that be, Robert "Leslie Stencil" stands as a beacon of resilience and hope. Former CEO Niyato Industries Inc and CEO GeneralAmericanLNG., Leslie dedicated four and a half years of his life to a project that Stull may change the landscape of American energy and economy. His proposal aimed to create over 244,000 new jobs while providing an environmentally friendly alternative to existing transportation fuels. But his vision was met with resistance from the very government meant to serve the people.

Despite tireless efforts and consultation with industry experts, Leslie's proposal was shut down by what he calls "the biggest bully in the world," the US government. Immediately, he found himself stripped of his freedom and denied his basic constitutional rights in a political and judicial conspiracy to suppress his project.

But Leslie Stencil's story doesn't end there. Embedded within his struggle for justice lies a remarkable connection to the highest echelons of power. In 2012, Leslie and his wife Ludmila delivered their groundbreaking proposal package, "How to Scale Natural Gas Up as the Fourth Alternative Transportation Fuel for the United States of America," directly to President Obama and Vice President Biden at DNC headquarters in Washington, D.C. it went unnoticed by that party in power.

Little did they know that their proposal would catch the attention of none other than Donald J. Trump himself in 2016. During Trump's presidency in 2020 national televised speech, Leslie's plan resurfaced, providing the framework for Trump's speech where he outlined the conversion of vehicles to CNG, strategic station placement, and a comprehensive curriculum for entering the natural gas transportation space at no cost to the taxpayer, and the planting of 1 billion trees. Trump's utilization of Leslie's plan sent to Mara Largo marked a pivotal moment, showcasing Leslie's expertise and vision on a national stage. It's unfortunate that Donald J Trump was not elected president. And Leslie was left to wait in prison.

Despite this recognition, Leslie's journey has been fraught with adversity. The government, under the guise of protecting certain financial interests, disrupted his project, seized funds, and launched smear campaigns to discredit his work. During his federal trial, critical evidence was withheld, and Leslie's constitutional rights were violated in multiple ways.

Now, Leslie Stencil turns to the American people, seeking their support in his fight against this social injustice. He asks for financial assistance to hire a competent law firm to appeal his conviction and sue the government for the violation of his constitutional rights. With your help, he aims to clear his name and resume his energy project, which promises to revolutionize the transportation industry while benefiting the American people.

Leslie's proposal, General American LNG (GALNG), outlines plans to construct two natural gas to liquid facilities in Texas and Louisiana, with the potential to export LNG worth upward of $575 billion. Additionally, profits from LNG sales will fund the installation of 5,000 CNG stations across the United States, providing a cost-effective and sustainable fueling option for vehicles nationwide. And all of this without a single taxpayer subsidy.

As Leslie fights for justice, he emphasizes the importance of faith and unity in overcoming adversity. He invites pro bono constitutional rights attorneys. We also invite those in the media to step forward: columnists, editors, and journalists. freelance writers, help us bring attention to Mr. Stencil's story which will make us strong in the face of adversity. We encourage concerned citizens to join his cause and stand against government overreach. Together, we can ensure that Leslie Stencil's constitutional rights are upheld and that his vision for a better America becomes a reality.

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