Community Brands Research Study Finds Nonprofits are Condensing Operations to Overcome Sustainability Concerns

Community Brands Research Study Finds Nonprofits are Condensing Operations to Overcome Sustainability Concerns

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--Today, Community Brands, the nation’s leading technology in fundraising and fund accounting for purpose-built organizations, released findings of its research study, The State of Nonprofit Fundraising, Technology and Operations: Impact on Mission Sustainability.

Community Brands collaborated with Pacific Consulting Group in the fourth quarter of 2023 to survey over 1,000 nonprofit professionals, with 84% from general nonprofits, 6% from federal, state, or local government, and 10% from education. All respondents were senior nonprofit leaders.

Findings concluded that nonprofit organizations are not just reacting to emerging challenges to sustainability; they are proactively responding. From examining operational processes to improving drivers of mission success, like fundraising, donor management, technology, and campaigns—organizations are not just exploring; they are finding ways to be nimbler and more streamlined.

Nonprofit organizations are demonstrating resilience as they undergo significant transformations to adapt to the changing landscape of fundraising, economic and staffing uncertainties, and daily operational challenges,” said Susan Gilmartin, President of Nonprofit Solutions at Community Brands. “By revolutionizing their operations, they can continue to achieve greater sustainability not only through diversifying their revenue and fundraising streams, but also by modernizing and harnessing technology for greater efficiencies and impact.”

The 2024 Research Study quantifies the state of the nonprofit sector. It examines how organizations embrace innovation to optimize operational processes and improve mission-critical success drivers like fundraising, technology use, and staffing efficiency.

How nonprofits integrate and consolidate technology will define operational success in the coming years. More than 4 in 5 nonprofit leaders shared that their organization could better serve their missions by managing their systems more efficiently and taking steps to integrate mission-critical technology, like fundraising and finance systems.

Nonprofit leaders are seeking solutions to analyze financial data (66%), manage online donations (66%), track and manage donors (64%), host peer-to-peer fundraising events (64%), manage fundraising events (64%), create budgets (62%) and manage multiple grants and funding sources (63%).

Comprehensive findings from the entire report can be found on the MIP Fund Accounting and GiveSmart websites.

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