Onfleet Brings Last Mile Delivery Management Solutions to Home Delivery World

Onfleet Brings Last Mile Delivery Management Solutions to Home Delivery World

Onfleet will exhibit at Booth #412 and share how businesses can provide their customers with a delightful delivery experience in a presentation on modernizing returns with the latest digital solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, June 3, 2024 Onfleet, the fastest growing last mile delivery management software platform, will be at Home Delivery World from June 5 - June 6, 2024. Delivery companies can discover a better way to manage their drivers using Onfleet's intuitive, user-friendly software by visiting Booth #412, and attending a presentation with Chris Garrison, Director of Enterprise Sales & Strategic Partnerships at Onfleet speaking on Modernizing returns with the latest digital solutions in the Returns track on June 5 at 11:40am EDT.

In its 12th year running, Home Delivery World USA has evolved to encompass every aspect of the retail logistics and supply chain process, starting from inventory management and fulfillment in the warehouse to delivery and the customer experience at the final destination.

Onfleet has attended Home Delivery World in previous years and values the event for its coverage of the swiftly changing delivery landscape - a topic Onfleet constantly monitors. In partnership with The Harris Poll, Onfleet surveyed consumers on their perceptions, behaviors, and habits around ordering delivery and how this has evolved. Onfleet's survey, conducted online by The Harris Poll among more than 2,000 U.S. Adults 18+, found that 61% of Americans prefer shopping at retailers, including restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and/or cannabis dispensaries, that offer delivery over businesses that don't.

"The retail market is constantly changing and we're seeing more and more consumers expect same day or even on-demand delivery when engaging with retailers. We're thrilled to present the advancements we've achieved at Onfleet, enabling our customers to remain at the forefront and exceed delivery expectations for their consumers," said Chris Garrison, Director of Enterprise Sales & Strategic Partnerships at Onfleet.

To schedule a conversation with Onfleet representatives on the ground at Home Delivery World at Booth #412, contact us at [email protected]

About Onfleet:

Onfleet is a San Francisco-based technology company that helps businesses streamline their delivery operations. Onfleet's software has powered hundreds of millions of deliveries for thousands of businesses around the world. Onfleet's platform includes a web-based dispatch dashboard, intuitive drive apps on iOS and Android, real-time tracking and notifications for customers, and a robust API. Onfleet helps businesses route and dispatch efficiently, collect proof of delivery, access comprehensive last-mile analytics, and provide a branded, delightful customer experience. To learn more, please visit www.onfleet.com