Simetric Named One of the 5 Best IoT Companies to Watch in 2024 by The Silicon Review

In an impressive acknowledgment of its pioneering efforts in the Internet of Things (IoT), Simetric has been honored as one of the "Top 5 IoT Companies to Watch in 2024" by The Silicon Review. This recognition underscores Simetric's unwavering commitment to innovation and its delivery of cutting-edge IoT solutions that meet the evolving demands of businesses across the globe.

ALPHARETTA, Ga. and SEATTLE, May 30, 2024 Simetric's industry-leading platform is celebrated for providing next-generation insights and managing capabilities that enable a comprehensive and centralized approach to an organization's IoT ecosystem. Designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and from varying sectors, Simetric's platform stands out for its ability to offer unparalleled ease, efficiency, and scalability in IoT connectivity and management.

Allen Boone, CEO of Simetric, attributes the company's success to its focus on both scalability and customer-centricity:

"Simetric brought our large enterprise technology company experience to bear in terms of how we scale, service, and support our customers. Simetric has built a scalable, horizontal platform that is as ubiquitous as the public cloud. The Simetric platform is designed to not only provide immediate time to value, routinely 5-10:1 for every dollar spent on average (with some larger, global customers realizing 25:1 return) with Simetric, but also is sustainable for predictable monthly management."

Being named one of the "5 Best IoT Companies to Watch in 2024" by The Silicon Review not only highlights Simetric's impactful contributions to the IoT industry but also its strategic focus on developing customer-centric solutions that address the intricate challenges of IoT connectivity and management.

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About Simetric
Simetric is the leading IoT cross-carrier SaaS platform trusted by over 2,500 companies globally. The solution addresses the complexity that arises in managing IoT and edge projects across a global fabric of carriers, networks, and service providers with a cloud service that integrates over 250 carrier platforms and thousands of APIs into a single intuitive and actionable pane of glass. Simetric invests in innovating in novel and patented ways for scale IoT users to experience global IoT in a powerful and integrated way.