Revolutionizing Portable Sound: Anchor Audio launches the NEW Liberty 3 with a Symphony of New Features

Revolutionizing Portable Sound: Anchor Audio launches the NEW Liberty 3 with a Symphony of New Features

Anchor Audio, a leader in portable sound systems, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation: Liberty 3. Designed to set a new benchmark in the audio industry, the Liberty 3 is packed with improved features.

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 28, 2024 Anchor Audio has always been at the forefront of designing robust, high-quality audio equipment, and with Liberty 3, Anchor Audio has once again raised the bar. Let's explore the standout features:

Portable Design
Designed with portability in mind, Liberty 3's all-in-one design simplifies transport and storage. This feature is crucial for professionals who need to move equipment frequently. Weatherproof Design Weatherproofing ensures the Liberty 3 can withstand challenging outdoor conditions, making it a reliable choice for events regardless of the weather. This feature greatly enhances the Liberty 3's versatility.

"The Liberty 3 represents our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality," said Glenn Busse, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Anchor Audio. "With advanced features like DSP, AnchorPower, AnchorFlex, and AnchorLink, the Liberty 3 not only meets but exceeds industry standards."

Superior Sound Output
Delivering a powerful 123 dB sound output, the Liberty 3 ensures that your audience hears every word clearly, even in large and noisy venues. Class D Amplifier A staple in Anchor Audio's design, the Class D Amplifier in Liberty 3 ensures efficient power usage and superior audio output. This feature alone sets it apart from many competitors, ensuring loud and clear sound for any event.

Anchor DSP (Digital Sound Processing) Technology
The new Anchor DSP feature offers refined sound control and improved audio performance. This addition is significant for users who demand precise sound quality and flexibility in various environments. Anchor Audio engineers tuned it for high-fidelity music and outstanding voice reproduction.

New Series 3 AnchorPower
The Liberty 3's power is managed by AnchorPower Dual Lithium 10 Amp Super cells, a 3 Amp step for each as compared to the previous model Liberty 2, crucial for lower frequency music and extended events. This enhancement translates to sustained power delivery, and includes our helpful battery fuel gauge and charge indicator. A convenient addition, the USB charge port allows users to charge devices directly from the Liberty 3, adding another layer of utility and convenience.

Extended Playtime
While both Liberty 2 and Liberty 3 offer 7 hours of playtime, the Liberty 3 includes an optional Power Pack that extends playtime another 3+ hours. This feature is particularly beneficial for day-long events where continuous sound is essential. With additional Anchor Power Packs, you can always play Liberty 3 anywhere untethered from AC and get the capacity you need.

Coverage and Configurations
Liberty 3 is easy to use and very flexible. You can have Liberty Hub models and Connect models work together. Connect cable-free for Stereo or mono up to 300 feet away with the new AnchorFlex cable-free audio technology. This switchable frequency hopping transceiver operates at 2GHz. Capacity is up to 1000 systems in mono.

Liberty 3 can cover a crowd of 1500 people in an area 90' W x175' L for outdoor PA applications. 4 units are recommended for football field coverage (sideline to sideline), and 2 additional for visitor stands.

New AnchorFlex Transceiver
The world's first battery-powered PA broadcast audio transceiver, integrated at the heart of the Liberty 3 Hub and Connect Models connects units cable-free up to 300 feet away from each other. You can have up to 1000 systems running mono on the same network.

Professional-Grade Wireless Microphones
The Liberty 3 Hub and Link models accommodate up to four AnchorLink professional-grade wireless microphones, a simplification for users requiring multiple microphone inputs for larger events. Available in handheld and 3 belt pack and microphone element bundles. Now cover frequency response range 20KHz-20Hz.

The Liberty 3 exemplifies Anchor Audio's dedication to quality and innovation. With features like DSP technology, extended battery life, and a weatherproof design, the Liberty 3 is set to exceed industry standards, offering unmatched performance and flexibility. Do you want to experience the future of portable sound solutions? Discover the Liberty 3 and witness firsthand how it's set to transform the landscape of portable audio technology at Infocomm 2024, Booth C9313 June 12 to 14.