CodeHS Announces New K-12 AI Curriculum and Professional Development for Districts

New projects, courses, and training provide districts with a toolkit for equipping educators with AI literacy and teaching strategies.

CHICAGO, May 24, 2024 CodeHS, the leading computer science education platform for K-12 school districts, has launched new K-12 Artificial Intelligence (AI) curriculum and professional development.

The new CodeHS AI curriculum provides several introductory courses for middle and high schools and dozens of projects for grades K-12 that can be incorporated as a standalone course or integrated into an existing course. New AI courses include:

As AI tools continue to change the technology landscape, districts are scrambling to determine their AI strategy and how to best equip teachers and students with quality resources. There are few training resources easily available for districts, and no ready-to-go courses that can be used both for students with and without coding experience.

"We're hearing from a lot of districts that they want to do something with AI, but they don't know what to do yet," said Jeremy Keeshin, CEO at CodeHS. "This gives district leaders the answer–engaging K-12 projects, new AI courses, and PD that helps educators bring AI into their classrooms."

CodeHS has also released new professional development workshops and courses to give teachers and administrators an introduction to teaching and using AI. The workshops are available in various formats and tailored to K-12 computer science teachers, non-CS teachers, or administrators.

The AI curriculum is now available at To learn how to bring CodeHS AI PD to your district or school, contact [email protected] today.

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